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Sparky's Gotta Go!

dog walking & pet sitting


Offering quality care & cuddles for all your furry friends!

         Serving North/Central Austin since 2009

Northwest Hills,Tarrytown,Allandale, Highland Hills, 

Edgemont-Glen Rona, Bryker Woods, Rosedale



A little bit about me



When I was little, the neighborhood dogs would wait for me at the bus stop. More often than not,

if someone couldn't find their dog, it was probably with me! These were the days when

there were no leash laws, so it was common for dogs to roam around. Lucky for me,

because I was happy to spend my time with them!

I've had a dog, cat, or both, in my life since I was around 3. It just feels natural to me.

They have, and always will be a constant part of it. Now, I am enjoying the company of my

dog, Toby, and 2 cats, Butterball & Timmie. 

I've been watching after family & friends pets since my teens, and off and on since then.

Then about 11 years ago I started getting more requests from friends of friends & friends

of family, so I decided to make it a more permanent thing!

In addition to caring for pets, I am a graduate of Animal Behavior College, and completed

my dog training internship with Lee Mannix at the Canine Center in Austin. 

I hope you'll consider Sparky's Gotta Go! for your pet sitting needs!

I welcome the opportunity to watch after your pets, keep them safe while you're gone, and

let them know they are loved even though you're not there.


 Jan-Marie Swanson~Top Dog Sparky's Gotta Go!



        Some of our 

   Happy Clients !




We all know dogs need walkies, so if you're not at home during the day, or just want your dog to expend some of that extra energy, let Sparky's Gotta Go! give them their daily exercise with a quick 15- 20 minute walk.  We will stay in your neighborhood, and like to do walks when the weather is cooperating, so, not too hot, cold, or raining. 

15-20 min: $20

Holiday  Rates are $5 extra per walk

(Walks are no extra charge during petsits)


Whether you need care while on vacation, or just need a walk or quick check in or potty break while at work, Sparky"s Gotta Go! is here for you & your pet.

Pet sits for dogs include an AM & PM visit, but depending on your needs, we will add a midday & tuck in visit as well. Potty breaks are generally midday, depending on your preference.

For cats, we will visit 1-2 times per day per your requirements.

All pet sits include:

Dog walks 

Feeding, replenishing water

Administer meds if needed 


Bringing in mail

Cleaning Litter box

Plant watering

Pet sitting 30-45 min: $25

Potty Breaks 15 min: $15

** Holiday Rates are $5 extra per visit


If your pet has places to go & people to see too while you are on vacation, they may need a trip to the groomer, or a quick check up or emergency trip to the vet. That's where Sparky's Pet Taxi comes in. We will make a one way trip or both ways, and make sure your pet gets there safely.

Holidays/Rates: $5 per visit surcharge

Easter Weekend: Thurs-Sun

Memorial Weekend: Fri-Mon

Independence Day: July 3-5

Labor Day: Fri-Mon

Thanksgiving: Wed-Sun

Christmas : Dec 23-Dec 27

New Years : Dec 31-Jan 2

Spring Break : Sunday - Sunday


 Pet Taxi $ 25 one way/ $40 Round trip

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